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          New JEEP,  the Pathy and Buggy replacement The "Demerits points toy".
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Simpson Desert Crossing, by single car, April 2004 25 days Available
Cape York trip, (one of many) June 2005 19 days Available
USA Oct/Nov 05, West to East & return by hire car 45 days Available
Europe, Ski Zermatt, visit Italy and Greece, Jan/Feb 06 25 days Available
Snowy Mtns fire trails and Victoria, by 4WD, April 06 15 days Available
VW Beetle restorations, 1975 SuperBug sedan, Mid 06 long time ! Available
QLD Sand islands, Moreton Island, Nov-06 3 days Available
Ski Zermatt, drive around Mediterranean coast, Jan-07 4 wks Available
Beach Buggy build/assembly, Mar/Apr-07 to Feb-08 4 wks++ Available
Perth via Alice & Great Central rd. in 4WD, May/Jun-07. 5 wks Available
Fraser Island, by 4WD, Oct-07 see down↓ 3 days Available
USA, California to Alaska/return by hire car, May/Jul-08 45 days Available
Stockton Beach, Dune buggy club, Feb-09 4 days Available
Perth, WA via centre, return coast, lake Eyre,  Sep-09 4 wks+ Available
Paris to North Cape, Norway, & return, May/Jun 2010 7 wks Available
Cape York trip, Oct/Nov 2010, by Beach Buggy 2 wks Available
Europe South + Turkey, Apr/Jun 2011 7 wks Available
Simpson Desert, May 2012, trip 1a 1 wk. ?? Available
Simpson Desert, August 2012 2 wks ?? Available
Heron Island, Barrier Reef, Jan 2013 5 days Available
UK by hire car, April to June 2013 7 wks Available
Warrumbungles by 4WD, then  5 star Hayman Island 2013 1+1 week Available
Birdsville Sandhills, Simpson Desert, Jun 2014 see down↓ 10 days Available
New Zealand by Hire Car, Sep 2014 17 days Available
We bought a new JEEP, Nov 2014 report Available
Jeep trip, Newcastle, Canberra, Thredbo, Dec 2014 14 days Available
Jeep Club, Day trip, Scenic Rim, near Beaudesert, Mar-15 1 day Available
Fraser Island, April 2015, by Jeep 3 days Available
Birdsville Sandhills, via Sydney, by Jeep in May 2015 10 days Available
China Trip with Wendy Wu tours, August 2015. 14 days Available
USA by hire car, April, May 2016 35 days Available
Kangaroo Island, Barossa Vinyards and Murray valley May-18  7 days Available
Japan Trip with Wendy Wu, May 2019 8 days Available
Future trips
Future trips see down↓
Future trips
Future trips
The BMW R100 GS, has done much work, The new Jeep Wrangler Sport, 2 door auto
in 3 Continents, Australia, USA & Europe. 3.6 petrol engine with 209 kw (wow!)